I am here to help you create a business and life that you really love.

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up!

Deep in my heart and soul, I always dreamed to influence the world we live in, to make it a better place, I dreamed of inspiring others to great movements. I dreamed of entrepreneurship and abundant life.

Everything was possible, just close the eyes and imagine. Now I know that imagination works in real life as well, it took me a couple of years before I realize it. I thought I needed some special form, position or group to which I would belong, so I took classic path with a lot of education, hard work and good corporate career. My life was good, but I still felt I wanted to do more. It is feeling of creating something big, something meaningful to give the world...

And here I am... I left a secure and well-paid job and I started my own business with my heart and with a passion for helping others to achieve extraordinary results. I am coaching clients all over the world using science and psychology.

What brings me to you!



Most believe that a better strategy or marketing is needed for more success. I believe that business has least to do with what we do at universities and in companies. I believe that success is no longer only possible with hard work and in a male way. I believe that success in business and in life consists of only 5% strategy and 95% mindset. I believe that intuition and femininity, lightness and joy and spirituality are not opposites of success and business, but the basis for it.

Especially if you want to achieve crazy, huge goals. Those where your mind shouts "Oh God!" And your heart shouts "Juhuuuu!"

If you are really ready to take your company, your income and your life to the next level, you have come to the right place!

I'm happy for you!

Love, Jelena

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